AMP Energy Drink, Focus, Mixed Berry

Mixed berry energy drink with other natural flavors. Caffeine. Choline. Taurine. 130 calories per can. Be smart about managing your energy. The AMP Energy line up: AMP Energy Focus: Combines caffeine, theanine and choline (an essential nutrient in the brain); AMP Energy Boost: Elevate your energy; AMP Energy Active: Energize and hydrate. Caffeine Content: 80 mg/8 fl oz; 159 mg/16 fl oz. Product questions? 1-800-433-2652. Ingredients per Can: Taurine 295 mg, Guarana extract 264 mg, L-theanine 117 mg. Contains 10% of the daily value for choline per 8 fl oz serving. The daily value for choline is 550 mg. Please recycle.