Crayola Model Magic Modeling Material, Single Packs

Primary colors: red, yellow, blue, white x 2, black. Project booklet. Make lots of long lasting arts and crafts. Soft and pliable for easy use. Unique modeling material - lightweight even after drying. Clean handling, safe and non-toxic. Won't crumble or stick to skin and clothing. Air-dries in 24 hours. Available in many colors. Open just the amount needed. Personalize it; Create a lasting keepsake; Use small pieces of Model Magic to create mosaic tiles. Combine for a scene. Great for school projects. Mixing Colors: Knead the colors together until completely blended or stop mixing midway for a marvelous, marbled look. Mix white and any other color to create beautiful pastel shades. When dry, Crayola Model Magic modeling material can be colored with markers or paint. Cover cans and boxes, decorate with embedded objects. Impressive, lightweight mobiles are easy to make with Model Magic. Conforms to ASTM D-4236. Model Magic is certified AP Non-Toxic. All components made in USA.