Emerald® Salt & Pepper Cashews 2.500 oz

At Emerald, we’re nuts about providing you with high-quality and delicious nuts. A pinch of salt and a dash of pepper combined with the smooth, satisfying crunch of our cashews and you've got perfectly seasoned nutty bliss. With no artificial colors or flavors, they are the perfect snack for busy, health-conscious people. Unique and tasty seasoned cashews in an on-the-go size are great for snacking anytime, anywhere! Emerald harvests only the tastiest, crunchiest, high quality nuts. Our unique seasoning and the distinct crunch of each nut makes for a truly satisfying snack. And because you don’t always have time to stop for a satisfying snack, these nuts come in a convenient bag, so you can stash some in your bike bag, glove compartment, or in your pantry at home. Whatever the occasion, Emerald has the specific nut you are looking for.