Theraflu Cold Relief, Severe, Combo Pack, Packets, Honey Lemon Flavor 12 ea

Theraflu Severe Cold and Flu Medicine Daytime/Nighttime Cold and Cough Medicine for Adults and Children 12+ delivers warm, soothing severe cold and cough symptom relief. Infused with tea flavors, this hot liquid powder comes in a convenient packet for fast and easy preparation. Simply dissolve contents of one packet into 8 ounces of hot water, sip while hot and experience relief. Each packet produces one steaming cup of pleasantly tasty relief, treating a variety of symptoms, including: nasal congestion, sore throat pain, cough, headache, body aches and fever. Take cough and cold medicine every four hours, while symptoms persist. Don’t let sickness slow you down. The convenient preparation method fits easily into your morning or bedtime routine. Arm yourself with cold and cough medicine with headache relief you can count on.